Week van de Zee 2019


The Week of the Sea is for everyone! From late April to mid-May there are activities in the various seaside towns that will put nature and the coastal environment in the spotlight.

The sea and beach are a huge attractions: the vastness, the healthy air, the sand to play in, a beach walk. In short the sea: a place for you to go all out, or to unwind. We would almost forget that it is also a huge source of diverse life, and that very special plants and creatures live in it too. It one of the richest in nature.

To make the unique value of nature on the coast clear, the Week of the Sea organizes all kinds of walks, workshops and events. Being outside, discovering the most beautiful nature, learning something from it, and entertainment are key.

During weekends you can enjoy a variety of activities on the coast, with families, children, walkers, nature addicts, etc, in the spotlight. During this week, schools may participate in hundreds of workshops, fieldwork activities, walks, and so on. In other words, there's something for everyone!

Check the website for the activities per seaside resort.

Location: Week of the Sea

Website: fb.com/Week-van-de-Zee-1593821350882263/

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