Plunge into the wonderful water world of Plopsaqua! Are you ready for a brand new adventure with Vicky the Viking? Then come take a dive into the wonderful water world of Plopsaqua! Boat along through the breathtaking whitewater river in a magical snowy landscape, or discover a range of water ...

Book tickets online De Pannelaan 68, Adinkerke
tel. +32 584 202 02
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Aquafun Oostduinkerke

Aquafun OostduinkerkeAquafun Oostduinkerke

The 2,000 sqm and completely renovated Aquafun is the ideal place if you want a break from salt water. In the wave pool you'll feel like you're in the sea. Afterwards you can speed down the Black Hole, a slide in the dark with light and sound effects. Admission to Aquafun is free every day of your ...

Polderstraat 158, Oostduinkerke
tel. +32 582 373 11
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Coastal History Museum - De Oude Post

Coastal History Museum - De Oude PostCoastal History Museum - De Oude Post

What was it like to spent a day at the sea in those times? How did tourism come about? The 'Kusthistories' (Coastal History) museum takes you back to the coastal past and uses modern presentation techniques. Get to know beautiful coastal posters and swimwear from a bygone era.

Joseph Casselaan 1, Middelkerke
tel. +32 593 197 97
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Casino Middelkerke

Casino MiddelkerkeCasino Middelkerke

Onze speelzaal is het kloppend hart van het Casino. Naast de 123 slots vindt u er ook roulettetafels, blackjacktafels en pokertafels. U kunt er elke dag terecht vanaf 11.00 uur. Aarzel niet om tijdens uw bezoek onze speelzaalmedewerkers om uitleg te vragen. Zij zullen u met een glimlach bijstaan ...

Zeedijk, Middelkerke
tel. 059 319 595
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Rederij Seastar

Rederij SeastarRederij Seastar

The shipping company ‘Seastar’ offers you the possibility to discover the sea and the inland waters near Nieuwpoort. The mother ship ‘Seastar’ started in 1991. Ever since the shipping company transported over a million guests. You can choose to go out on the water for boat trips ...

Havengeul 17, Nieuwpoort
tel. 058 232 425
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Fort Napoleon

Fort NapoleonFort Napoleon

At the end of the 18th century France annexed Belgium. Napoleon feared an attack from England at the port of Ostend and therefore built an impressive fort in the dunes in 1811. A British attack never happened. After that, the fort mainly functioned as an armory and a location for the French army. ...

Vuurtorenweg, Oostende
tel. 059 320 048
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Anno 1465

Anno 1465Anno 1465

The lost fishing village of Walraversijde is one of the most important archaeological sites in Flanders and one of the best-studied medieval fishing communities in Europe. This medieval settlement has been examined systematically since April 1992 in cooperation with the Flanders Heritage Agency. ...

Nieuwpoortsesteenweg 636, Oostende
tel. +32 597 022 85
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James Ensor museum

James Ensor museumJames Ensor museum

The Ensor House is the house where James Ensor resided during the last 32 years of his life. The bulk of his work saw the light of day in the little work shop which he set up in the garret of his parent’s house.

Vlaanderenstraat 27, Oostende
tel. +32 598 053 35
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Visserskapel Onze Live Vrouwe ter Duinen

Visserskapel Onze Live Vrouwe ter DuinenVisserskapel Onze Live Vrouwe ter Duinen

De huidige kapel dateert van 1736. De kapel was een geliefde bedevaartsplaats van de Vlaamse vissers. Er hangen naast vele ex-voto’s, foto’s van sloepen, dikwijls met de namen en foto’s van de scheepsramp. In de gemetselde grot naast de kapel worden jaarlijks talloze kaarsen gebrand. Elk jaar ...

Kapelstraat, Bredene
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Heemkundig museum Turkeyenhof

Heemkundig museum Turkeyenhof

Het Turkeyenhof is een gerestaureerde hoeve uit 1737 in klassieke polderhoevestijl met een hoogkamer boven de voorraadkelder. Voor de gemeentelijke heemkring Ter Cuere is het ook heemhuis en documentatiecentrum. De museumhoeve bestaat uit een woonhuis, bakhuis, schuur, wagenkot en hondenhok. Het ...

Zegelaan 42, Bredene
tel. +32 593 231 40
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Villa Les Zéphyrs

Villa Les Zéphyrs, where time has stood still in the 30s. Between the two world wars the villa was used as holiday accommodation by a doctor's family from Ghent. By protecting it and remodeling it like it was back then, it quickly became a heritage site that is highly appreciated by visitors and ...

Henri Jasparlaan 173, Westende-bad
tel. 059 319 128
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St. Peter and Paul Church

St. Peter and Paul ChurchSt. Peter and Paul Church

The neo-Gothic St. Peter and Paul's church was designed by the Belgian architect Louis Delacenserie. A man who had a lot of fame during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The train station in Antwerp was also by his design. This Ostend church has many interesting and exceptional details. ...

Visserskaai, Oostende
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Three-master Mercator

Three-master MercatorThree-master Mercator

The Mercator was the training ship for the officers of the Belgian merchant navy, in service from 1932 to 1960. Now the ship is at anchor in Ostend, where it is maintained in its original state. You can visit include the dorms, the mess of the Cadets and the operating room. The audio guide leads ...

Mercatordok, Oostende
tel. +32 597 056 54
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Koninklijke Gaanderijen

Koninklijke GaanderijenKoninklijke Gaanderijen

King Leopold II commissioned the French architect Charles Girault to design the Royal Galleries. They linked the Royal Chalet to the entrance to the Wellington Race Course and were completed in 1906. The galleries extend over a length of 381.8 metres and comprise 343 metres of a linear double-nave ...

Koning Boudewijnpromenade, Oostende
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Japanese Garden Shin Kai Tei

The name Shin Kai Tei refers to a piece of Japan in Ostend. Prince Philip opened the Japanese garden in 2001. King's Park, which is not far from the royal villa, was chosen as the best place for the development of the more than 2,500 square meters of garden. Japanese architect Takashi Sawano has ...

Koningin Astridlaan, Oostende
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