Top 9 tips for Middelkerke

The beach is of course the most popular attraction of Middelkerke. From young to old, everybody daily enjoys the sun by the sea or a breath of fresh air on the beach.

However, Middelkerke has so much more to offer. Below is our overview of the best, most interesting and beautiful sights, museums and attractions. There are plenty of alternative daytime activities for every wallet.

Top 9 Middelkerke


Strand, Scheveningen
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De Atlantikwall is één van de topattracties aan de kust en één van de drie musea op Raversyde. De meer dan 60 aanwezige bunkers, observatieposten en geschutstellingen en de 2 km open of onderaardse gangen vormen samen één van de best bewaarde delen van de beruchte Duitse verdedigingslinie ‘Atlantikwall’. Deze werd gebouwd ...

    Nieuwpoortsesteenweg 636, Oostende
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    3Japanese Garden Shin Kai Tei

    Japanese Garden Shin Kai Tei

    The name Shin Kai Tei refers to a piece of Japan in Ostend. Prince Philip opened the Japanese garden in 2001. King's Park, which is not far from the royal villa, was chosen as the best place for the development of the more than 2,500 square meters of garden. Japanese architect Takashi Sawano has tried to design the garden in such a way that ...

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      4City Museum Ostend

      City Museum Ostend

      The City Museum of Ostend houses a sea of stories. The City Museum guides you through the fascinating story of Ostend and also takes a look at the future. Many objects, posters, documents and multimedia applications reveal the secrets behind the urban development, tourism, fisheries, harbor and the shipping industry. Discover the ...

        Langestraat 69, Oostende
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        5Fort Napoleon

        Fort Napoleon

        At the end of the 18th century France annexed Belgium. Napoleon feared an attack from England at the port of Ostend and therefore built an impressive fort in the dunes in 1811. A British attack ...

          Vuurtorenweg, Oostende
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          7St. Peter and Paul Church

          St. Peter and Paul Church

          The neo-Gothic St. Peter and Paul's church was designed by the Belgian architect Louis Delacenserie. A man who had a lot of fame during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The train station ...

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            8Three-master Mercator

            Three-master Mercator

            Climb aboard the mighty Mercator and explore a training ship that sailed the globe in 41 voyages, covering almost every ocean on earth! Learn about her scientific missions and see how this ...

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