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Silt is undoubtedly the most iconic building in Middelkerke. This iconic structure literally forms the centerpiece of the Middelkerke boulevard and offers visitors an unforgettable experience full of excitement, luxury, and relaxation.

What can you expect at SILT in Middelkerke?

Experience the magic of the four-star hotel and Casino Silt and let your senses be stimulated by the unique interaction with nature and sea. Plan your visit and discover for yourself why this casino is an absolute must-visit in Middelkerke!

Furthermore Casino SILT Middelkerke is near the following sights: Vita Krokodiel (±1,2 km), Minigolf De Kegel X-Treme (±1,4 km), Formula E-Karting (±1,4 km), Adventure Park Middelkerke (±1,4 km) & Bowling de Kegel (±1,4 km).

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Zeedijk, Middelkerke
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