Horseback riding in Middelkerke

Horse riding on the beach of Middelkerke

It is also good to stay in Middelkerke for the horse lover. The beach, the woods and the agricultural hinterland are just perfect for horse rides. In the surroundings there are different equestrian routes defined which are taking you along the meadows, woods and the beach.

Horse riding on the beach of Middelkerke

Horseback riding

Do you want to get horseback riding with your own horse in and around Middelkerke? In the surroundings there are different parking facilities for horses. There are also riding schools which are renting horses.

In the riding schools horses are ready for you to go into nature for a couple of days. You come through woods, dunes and along the beach. Every day a guided ride outside is made. A ride in daytime is nicely relaxing.

Horse riding on the beach of Middelkerke


Horseback riding at the beach relaxes you completely. Feel the wind through your hair when your horse drives in galops through the breakers. Are you going yourself horseback riding at the beach? Then there are two important things to take into account: de times that you are allowed at the beach and the tides.

Horse-riding is allowed on the beach outside the Belgian Easter holidays, Pentecost holidays and between 1 June and 15 September. Please note, this is only permitted in the following zones:

- between 7.30 pm and 12.00 am between the Paul Houyouxstraat groyne and Zeedijk No. 300 (Hotel Bellevue);
- between 7.30 pm and 12.00 am between the Strandlaan groyne and Nieuwpoort.

Please bear in mind that riding must always be as close to the waterline as possible. Horseback shrimp fishers or mounted police are exempted from the above regulations.

All horses accessing the beach must wear visible identification which can be obtained at the council office or at the horse riding stables.

Horseback riding at the beach is the most beautiful at low tide, one could gallop to his heart’s content over the wide beach. Please watch carefully at the information signs which are at each beach(entrance) for eventual (temporary) rules.

Riding schools

For horseback riding we recommend you following companies:

Manege Mustang

Grotestraat 130, De Haan
tel. 049 781 334 7 
web. Website


Sluizenstraat 133, Bredene
tel. +32 593 242 35 
web. Website

Manège Derby

Duinenweg 439, Middelkerke
tel. +32 593 029 72 
web. Website

Manège Snippenhof

Snipgatstraat 9, Middelkerke
tel. +32 592 782 06 
web. Website

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