Albert I Monument

Albert I Monument - 1

A majestic memorial in honor of King Albert I and the Belgian troops during World War I. This monument is not only a symbol of national pride and remembrance but also offers a unique view of the surroundings.

What to Expect at the Albert I Monument?

An Emotional and Educational Experience at the Albert I Monument

The Albert I Monument offers a poignant and educational experience that allows visitors to reflect on a crucial piece of Belgian and European history.

Visit the Albert I Monument in Nieuwpoort for a day of reflection and education.

Furthermore Albert I Monument is near the following sights: Seastar (±1,0 km), Kinder Farm De Lenspolder (±1,1 km), Gipsy Village (±1,2 km), Westgolf Golf Club (±2,2 km) & De IJzermonding (±2,5 km).

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IJzermonding, Nieuwpoort