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Discover the Westgolf Golf Club in Westende, a public golf facility that caters to both beginners and experienced golfers. With a variety of facilities, including a lit driving range and challenging greens, Westgolf offers everything a golfer's heart desires.

What to Expect at Westgolf Golf Club ?

An Unforgettable Golfing Experience at Westgolf Golf Club

Westgolf Golf Club in Westende is the perfect place for a comprehensive golfing experience in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Furthermore Westgolf Golf Club is near the following sights: Surf Club De Kwinte (±1,5 km), Villa Les Zéphyrs (±2,0 km), De IJzermonding (±2,1 km), Albert I Monument (±2,2 km) & Seastar (±2,2 km).

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Bassevillestraat 81, Westende
tel. 058 241 077 
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