Rederij Seastar - Rondvaart

Rederij Seastar - 1 Rederij Seastar (January 2012) - #2

The shipping company ‘Seastar’ offers you the possibility to discover the sea and the inland waters near Nieuwpoort. The mother ship ‘Seastar’ started in 1991. Ever since the shipping company transported over a million guests. You can choose to go out on the water for boat trips along the Flemish coastline, on the IJzer to Diksmuide or via Oostende to Brugge. You can also discover the harbour of Nieuwpoort by boat.

The ‘Seastar’ is equipped with the best safety measurements and it offers its guests a comfortable and safe journey. The navigation system and the stabilizers, which guarantee a quiet journey, are up to date and equipped with the best electronics. The ship has a length of 45 meter and consists of three different levels where 350 passengers can find their place.

Furthermore Rederij Seastar is near the following sights: Kinderboerderij De Lenspolder (±500 m), King Albert Memorial (±1,0 km), West Coast Wellness (±2,0 km), Aquafun Oostduinkerke (±2,0 km) & Kidsworld Oostduinkerke (±2,1 km).

For information:

Havengeul 17, Nieuwpoort
tel. 058 232 425 
web. Website