Villa Les Zéphyrs - Museum

Villa Les Zéphyrs - 1 Villa Les Zéphyrs (October 2018) - #2

The elegant atmosphere of the early 20th century awaits you at Villa Les Zéphyrs in Westende, a beautifully preserved example of the rich coastal life of yesteryears.

What to expect at Villa Les Zéphyrs?

Experience the timeless elegance of the Belgian coast

Villa Les Zéphyrs is a unique destination that transports visitors to the charming lifestyle of the Belgian coast in the early 20th century.

Whether you're interested in history, architecture, or simply want to enjoy a unique experience, a visit to Villa Les Zéphyrs is worth it.

Furthermore Villa Les Zéphyrs is near the following sights: Minigolf Westende (±600 m), Surf Club De Kwinte (±650 m), Westgolf Golf Club (±2,0 km), Laser Shooting (±2,0 km) & Bowling de Kegel (±2,0 km).

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Henri Jasparlaan 173, Westende-bad
tel. 059 319 128 
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