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Located at Brugsevaart in Nieuwpoort, Gipsy Village offers a small-scale play village where children can have fun and parents can relax. This unique play village, with converted caravans and various play activities, is a paradise for children aged 3 to 12.

What can you expect at Gipsy Village?

Experience the Magical Play Village Gipsy Village

With its unique setting and diverse play activities, Gipsy Village offers a fantastic day for children and their parents. Whether you come for an afternoon full of adventure or a relaxed day with the family, Gipsy Village welcomes you with open arms. Come and discover why playing and enjoying come together perfectly here.

Furthermore Gipsy Village is near the following sights: Albert I Monument (±1,2 km), Seastar (±2,2 km), Westgolf Golf Club (±2,2 km), Kinder Farm De Lenspolder (±2,3 km) & Children's farm Lettenhof (±2,4 km).

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Brugsevaart 50, Nieuwpoort
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